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For commercial paper investment variants
we provide our customers
a monthly interest income.
It depends on the creditworthiness of the customer whether

the dividend dates take place once a quarter or even monthly

Customers receive better conditions for investments

of at least 2 years.


Through our extensive range of highly qualified partner companies and business partners, our company offers international investment opportunities at the highest level.

If you have further questions about our partner companies, please send us an inquiry.


To be able to offer bonuses to our

existing costumers,
we have decided to pay
in addition to referral premiums for new customers
also loyalty bonuses when investing over a period
of multiple years.

Each premium paid by KWS Investments depends
on the individual investment of the customer,
and will be communicated directly between
customers & management.


Of course our customers have
different demands and wishes about
their capital management.

That's why we work together with certified
Investment Advisers & Financial Service Companys
in Germany,
which will advise KWS interested parties
free of charge.