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Rosenheim residence 2

Innovation      Quality      Perfection

a KWS Investments Project

Project scope:

Budget per unit: 1.460.000,00€

Planned units: 8

L-units per plot: 2-4

selled single-units per plot: 2-4

space per single unit: 80-160 m2

space per unit: 360 m2

total costs: ra. 4100€/m2

retail price per unit: ra. 5000 €/m2

Expected return: ra. +15-25%

project schedule: s.o.b. 3.-4. quarter 2020
Invest - Return : 12-18 months

Project finance
Head of investment banking:

Drake Acar Kraut

Project planning & structuring

Lisa Wimmer & Drake Acar Kraut

Sales & Executive Management:
Yannik Weiß, Martin Grunenberg
& NexGen Consulting Ltd.

Insurance Management: