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Why KWS?

A valid question.

KWS Investments LLC is a 100% sovereign & independent
Investment companies with international partner companies,
Fund companies & brokers from Europe to South Africa.

The investment focus is on investment banking products in the money market
(in particular commercial papers), as well as real estate projects
at the German property market.

KWS Investments LLC offers private and institutional investors
participation in STN & MTN programs with trade credit lines
  from reputable custodians (currently HSBC & Barclays).

Real estate market

Another business segment of KWS is the German real estate market.
Thanks to the direct construction and sale of various real estate projects,

such as apartment buildings, luxury as well as commercial buildings

through our German partner company,

KWS real estate fund clients can also benefit

with far above-average returns.
Originally conceived as a project for further diversification,

the KWS real estate fund today provides

a highly profitable investmentfor our customers.

Risk management

Assets of our investment banking programs are guaranteed by

fund companies & brokers with high credit ratings,
and thus are not subject to the risk of an ineffective deposit insurance that is customary in the industry, but to the direct liability of the fund companies.

KWS in scale

Investment programs from KWS Investments have been able to shine for many years, regardless of the current economic situation, with far above-average returns.

KWS interested parties will receive statistics on the

previous years on their individual request.