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Certificates of deposits
(commercial papers & bank bonds)

When investing via commercial papers,
 are assets provided by investors
(Cash, latent value assets, non-performing assets, etc.)
at the custodians HSBC & Barclays
deposited as collateral.

Because of the assigned
Collateral and the performance history,

the banks provide a commercial credit line,
which is used subsequently from partner fund companies
for short & midterm investment programs.

The fund company and the broker guarantees
a previously agreed guaranteed interest,
as well as the full repayment of the capital
at a fixed due date
with participation in the overall performance.


Due to the high 10 digit credit rating, the fund company can
guarantee our affiliates a liability.


Real estate funds
(access from 2020)

Capital of KWS real estate fund becomes
to contractually agreed
Periods bound in a connection.
Real estate fund connections refer to
Projects such as construction & sales
of luxury real estate, multi-party houses,
as well as the appreciation of individual objects.

Our German partner company
is an exorbitantly successful real estate GmbH
from the Munich area,
and can be a highly efficient history
as well as top returns.

KWS Investments provides all relevant details & data
of all single projects,
thus offering investors the highest level of transparency
as well as an insight into all projects.